Saturday, September 18, 2010

10 Weeks

9/17/2010 - 10 weeks

How I Look - No change
How I Feel - Good!
Symptoms - Didn't notice anything this week.  I think exercising helps keep at bay any icky feelings and keeps me in good spirits.
Cravings -  Nothing in particular this week.  I gave up coffee about 3 weeks ago since decaf really wasn't doing it for me.  However on Friday I had a decaf cafe mocha with whip that was super yummy!  Coffee only appeals to me now if I can have a fancy one...something with chocolate or caramel in it.  ;-)
Exercise - We took the dogs for an evening walk once this week.  I also managed to run 2x's and go to the gym once.  I always feel so much better after a run!

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  1. So what's up - Any news since getting to Week 11?