Friday, April 1, 2011

38 weeks

How I Look - Belly is all I see (and feel)!  I'm starting not to care about what I'm wearing.  It's mainly jeans and a short sleeved shirt and tennis shoes at work.  Then at home I lounge around in sweat shorts and my hubby's shirts.
How I Feel -  Pelvic pressure, uncomfortable, ready for this to be over. 
Weight -   +29 lbs  
Symptoms -  Slight swelling in my fingers, usually when I'm outside.  I like to think it's because it's getting warmer now (we are in TX and it is HOT here), but more likely its due to pregnancy.  :Þ  I can still wear my wedding ring, however it has become more noticeably snug.  I probably should stop wearing rings all together.  The past couple of days I've had a pinched nerve in my lower back, it gets me when I turn funny or bend over too fast.  I'm also waking up every 2 hours at night to annoying.  Guess that's my body's way to prepare me for nursing and checking on the baby at night.
Cravings -  Ice cream and Haribo gummy bears. 
Exercise -  Evening walks with the doggies and hubby.
What I'm Looking Forward To - Being done with this pregnancy and moving onto the next stage - meeting my baby! 
What I'm Not Looking Forward To -  Labor and if my water breaks at work or in bed or anywhere for that matter.  I'm sleeping on a towel at night because I'm worried that my water will break while in bed and ruin the mattress. 
Odds and Ends - I'm still 2 cm dilated.  My Dr told me on Thursday that 'it could be any day now.  Based on that and the fact that I only have 2 weeks left, I will start working from home more often.  Heck I just had a co-worker tell me to just stay at home the last 1.5 weeks, that it's not worth the risk of something happening while I'm driving to work.  I keep hitting things with my belly because I'm not allowing myself enough room.  :/  Apparently from week 38 and on my belly size should remain pretty constant.  Whew!  I really hope I don't stretch anymore...I can't imagine getting any bigger!  I also wonder what color my baby's eyes will be...I'm very curious if he'll get/keep my blue eyes or have my hubby's chocolate brown eyes.

Hurry up baby!  All your organs are ready for life outside the womb, don't force me to evict you.  ;)  We're ready to meet you!

38 weeks - 4/1/2011


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  1. You're so close!!! I remember feeling the same way. You just get to the point where you can't wait to see the little miracle that's been hanging out in there. Hang in there, mama! He'll be here soon. :)