Friday, April 15, 2011

40 weeks - official end of pregnancy...

40 weeks!  I honestly didn't think I'd make it all the way, I really thought baby would come earlier. Guess he didn't get the memo and prefers to be fashionably late.  I read about half of all pregnancies go past the 40 week mark.  Ugh!

I head off to my last weekly Dr appointment this morning.  Finger's crossed for some progress!

How I Look - 40 weeks worth of belly!  Sometimes I see a body part (most likely a foot) sticking out on the right side, it really freaked Malek out last night.  My belly is all kinds of distorted when baby moves around, like its doing the wave or in an earthquake.
How I Feel -  Belly is super tender/sore.  There's no more room in there for you little guy!  You need to exit the premises. 
Weight -   +31.5 lbs  
Symptoms -  Where are the contractions?  I haven't felt anything besides the baby moving and some slight discomfort/pressure in the pelvic region.  
Cravings -  Ice cream and crawfish!  I'm trying to fit in as much crawfish as possible before I'm house bound.
Exercise -  I'm up to 2 walks a day and still no labor activity!  Wed night I tried jumping around and squatting on the ground (knees to chest/ears).  That didn't last very long as it was super uncomfortable. 
What I'm Looking Forward To -  When I can actually go to the hospital (any day now right!?!?!), get an epidural and meet my little guy!
What I'm Not Looking Forward To -  It was labor but now I just want this pregnancy done, bring it on!
Odds and Ends - My parents arrive this Saturday to help out around the house and meet their grandson.  I bet baby forces me (us) to wait all weekend before making his grand appearance.  No matter what, this kid will be here by Monday!

Birthing Mantras I ran across this week: 
  • Courage, faith and patience.  (Yeah right, I'm sooooo impatient!  :P)
  • I am ready and prepared for this.  (Is anyone truly prepared?)
  • Believing makes it happen.  (I really like this one, but here I am at 40 weeks and no baby yet, this also leads into the next one...)
  • I am in complete control of what is going on around me (seriously? even my friends and family would roll their eyes at me on this ones)
  • I see myself handling everything beautifully (ha! I'm a spaz)
  • I deserve this birth!  (Hellz yeah!)
  • Relax  (me? high strung? nah)
Yup, this is what you get at 40 weeks, me dressed to the nines!  :Þ
Comfy clothes, no makeup, barefoot. 

40 weeks - 4/15/2011


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