Monday, June 17, 2013

19 weeks

6/12/2013 - 19 weeks and 4 days
(posted a little late)

How I Look - My belly is noticeably there and I rub it all the time.  ;)

Weight :  +1.5 lbs.   

How I Feel - Great!

Symptoms -  My arms tends to go numb during the night.  I'm not really a side sleeper, I prefer laying on my stomach.  However since I can't do that, my arm goes numb on whatever side I'm laying on.  Fun.

Cravings - Nothing in particular.

Exercise - Only fit in 2 work outs this week.  On vaca as of today 6/12!  Come on beach!

What I'm Looking Forward To - Vacationing in South Padre Island with friends and family.

Odds & Ends -  Evan's stuff is now in the game room, his old room is empty and needs to be cleaned.  I added a Glade Plugin to freshen up the place.  

Not much to report this week due to vacation.  More to come in week 20:  anatomy ultrasound, bump pics, vaca update, etc.  :)

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