Thursday, June 6, 2013

18 weeks

6/5/2013 - 18 weeks and 4 days

How I Look - Since I've moved into maternity clothes I think it makes me look even bumpier.  ;)

Weight :  -0.5 lbs.   

How I Feel - Great!

Symptoms -  My nose is really dry and I've had several nose bleeds.  I might need to break out the humidifier.

Cravings - Nothing in particular.

Exercise - I tried running on Monday, that didn't go so well.  I only made it 1/2 a mile before I started walking.  I just don't have the motivation for it anymore, plus it's hot and I've never run well in the heat.  Therefore I have official declared that I'm done with running for the year.  When I was pregnant with Ry I stopped running at 19 weeks.  Now I'll focus on cycling, elliptical, walking and light arm weights.

What I'm Looking Forward To - Feeling my little girl kick.  I didn't feel Ry kick until 23 weeks!  Apparently I can't feel the flutter or bubble movements.  Perhaps I'm mistaking the flutters/bubbles for stomach rumbles or gas.  Either way I think I'll only notice movement if it's a physical kick!  

Odds & Ends -  We are still racking our brains for girl names.  This weekend we'll be moving Evan into the game room.  We've already switched around ceiling fans (white in the new nursery, Evan's fan into the game room) and we've moved the crib up into his room.  It feels surreal!

Did I mention we're going on a beach trip next week?  Woohoo vacation!  Don't worry my swimsuits cover the appropriate about of backside.  :)

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