Friday, June 21, 2013

Ry's adventures and updates

Ry has been a busy little bee.  He's grown so much and is talking up a storm (at least to us).  He's a great parrot, repeating everything you say to him.  Ry's also very sweet, dishing out hugs and kisses.  If you get hurt or he accidentally steps on a toy, he'll say "I'm sorry" and will kiss it to make it feel better.  When he gets hurt he always comes running to mommy to 'kiss' his boo-boos.  Wouldn't it be great if kisses fixed everything!?

We've been keeping him pretty busy this summer with the pool, Austin Steam Train ride, Round Rock Express Game, festivals, parties and a beach trip!  Check out some of the photos below.

His favorite things:
  • all construction vehicles
  • Cars and Shrek DVDs
  • His Cars shirts and Thomas the Train PJ's
  • Guitar
  • playing in the water/pool/sprinklers (however right now he hates baths)
  • books
  • fruit snacks
Some of his favorite phrases:
  • I got it!
  • I want this one.
  • Where's daddy/sissy/mommy (insert name)?
  • Where'd it go?
  • Oh! There it is!
  • It's a Mighty Machine!
  • Close it (when referring to the car door)
  • I want chocolate...please.
  • I'm crazy
  • Don't do it (right before he jumps on someone)
  • I'm a carrot (really trying to say "I'm a parrot")
  • My pantalones (thanks for that one dad, sometimes he says shortalones)
  • Front End Loader, Backhoe, digger (names of construction vehicles)

haircut 4/20/2013 - He was awesome this time!
Fun at cousin Blake's bday party 4/20/2013

At the train station 4/27/2013
Ready for our journey to begin
Austin Steam Train 4/27/2013
DeutschenPfest 5/19/2013
1st cotton candy! 5/19
new gravel pit, great for his construction vehicles 5/12/2013
too cool for school 5/25/2013
Ry loves puppies 5/26/2013
holding a live crawfish! 5/26/2013
backhoe! 5/26

I do it!

backyard Memorial Day fun 5/27/2013

pile up 5/27/2013

Washing mighty machines with Opa 6/4/2013

squeaky clean 6/4

Trip to South Padre Island!!
Don't forget me! 6/11/2013

We have arrived!  Hello SPI!  6/12/2013

Where did sissy go?

Ry finally found a floatie he liked.  He absolutely hated his life vest.


Gladys Porter Zoo - Gorillas! 6/13/2013

Ry loved the Galápagos tortoises

more happiness

Ry monkey

Feeding the birds - Australia exhibit

back to the beach 6/13/2013

fun in the sand

sweetness, baby bro and big sissy 6/13/2013

Checking out the sharks before the Fireworks Cruise 6/14/2013
I couldn't watch it when they started cutting them open, the smell got to me.

Ready to see some dolphins 6/14/2013

Sea Stars!  Ry loved holding this little guy 6/14/2013

Exhausted after the fireworks cruise...I think it was 11pm when I took this picture.

Rescued Sea Turtles! 6/15/2013

Well hello!
Heading home, exhausted from our trip and loving his turtle 6/15/2013

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