Wednesday, June 19, 2013

20 weeks - half way there!

6/19/2013 - 20 weeks and 4 days 


How I Look - I had to move our scale back from the bathroom wall because I couldn't stand on it, that's how much my belly is protruding.

Weight :  +2.5 lbs.   

How I Feel - Pretty good.  My upper back has been sore lately, probably because of the way I'm sleeping at night.  I really should break out some extra pillows to snuggle and for support.

Symptoms -  No swelling, no leg cramps, no heartburn.  I did have a headache one night this past week but that's about it, Tylenol is a life saver!

Cravings - Nothing in particular.  Really liking soup.

Exercise - We went on a family vacation to South Padre Island so I didn't work out at all from Wed-Sun.  I did fit in some cycling and elliptical on Mon & Tues this week.

What I'm Looking Forward To -  Vacationing in South Padre Island with friends and family was great.  We had an awesome condo on the beach, they even had a pool.  While in SPI we explored Gladys Porter Zoo and saw tons of baby animals, went on a Sunset Fireworks Cruise that included dolphin sightings and the opportunity to hold sea stars, sea slugs and a butterfly ray (Ry loved the sea star), and on our last day we visited the Sea Turtle Rescue Center which was really interesting and Ry went gaga over the turtles.  You can find pictures and more info on our trip on my TypicalTina blog.

I finally felt my baby girl move while we were on vacation!  We were on the fireworks cruise when I felt a soft kick.  I almost missed it.  Luckily she did it again to let me know I wasn't imagining anything.

Odds & Ends -  
Today was another important doctors appointment and the anatomy ultrasound!!!  The ultrasound double confirmed my MaterniT21 results, definitely a girl.  :)   Baby girl looks great, she has all her fingers and toes, her heartbeat was 150 bpm and she weighs about 14 oz.  The Dr said she's right on track, but everything I've looked up online says the baby should be around 10 oz.  Of course she was active and not cooperative when trying to take pictures, she liked to give us her back (nice spine!).  However the tech managed to snag a nice 4D profile shot.  Next appointment will be in 4 weeks.

For the 2nd time I've had to give blood to check my thyroid.  For some reason it raises a flag on the first screening, then they deep dive it and the results are in range.  They said it's nothing to be concerned about but they'll keep on monitoring it.  I'll have another test in my 3rd tri just to be safe.

4D picture of our little girl - 6/19/2013

profile, sorta

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