Wednesday, July 10, 2013

23 weeks

7/10/2013 - 23 weeks and 4 days 

How I Look -  The same...I think.

Weight :  +8.5 lbs.  Darn all that ice cream.

How I Feel - Good for the most part.  My stomach feels tight all the time, I especially notice it during my evening walks.

Symptoms -  My right shoulder/arm always goes numb at night, no matter which side I'm sleeping on.  Extra pillows aren't helping either.  :(

Cravings - Rocky Road ice cream, EVERY NIGHT, and brownies as of yesterday.  I guess baby is beginning to like chocolate.

Exercise - The same: walking, elliptical, cycling, light arm weights. 

What I'm Looking Forward To -  Figuring out a name, picking out a color to paint the nursery (dusky lavender?), my shower/sprinkle in 2 months.  :)

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - 100 degree days.

Odds & Ends -  This past weekend I cleaned and disinfected the nursery.  Disinfected you say?  Yup, I wiped down all the baseboards, doorknobs, closet shelves and chest of drawers and even dusted the curtain rod.  I can't wait to paint the walls, rearrange the furniture and decorate (with help from the hubby of course).

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