Wednesday, July 17, 2013

24 weeks

7/17/2013 - 24 weeks and 4 days 

How I Look -  I saw my profile in the gym mirror...wowza, I'm huge and barely halfway through this pregnancy!  

Weight :  +9.5 lbs. 

How I Feel - Great.  I've even been sleeping better this week (no numb limbs).

Symptoms -  I was reading some symptoms of preterm labor, hmmmm, I have a couple of them.  However I'm not having any contractions so I think it's just normal pregnancy symptoms.  

Cravings - Baked goods, chocolate and fruit.  Bacon is still a no go and recently sausage doesn't sound very appealing.

Exercise -  I normally work out during lunch but this week has been very busy.  So far I've made it to the gym once.  When I miss the gym I usually walk in the evenings, but it's been raining all week!  So I guess I get to take it easy.  :)

What I'm Looking Forward To -  Painting the nursery in 2 weeks!  We have found 2-3 paint colors that work perfectly for the nursery and coordinate with the bedding.  Now to figure out how to paint it; should we do all 4 walls the same, put in a chair rail with a darker color below and a lighter one above, 3 walls the same and 1 accent wall, paint the inside of the closet???  
light: valspar Iris Blossom 
medium: valspar Purple Hills 
dark: valspar Purple Valley

nojo beautiful butterfly
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Not being able to bend over and pick things up.  It's getting harder and harder and more uncomfortable every time I try.

Odds & Ends -  I had my 24 week Dr's appointment today, just a normal checkup.  Baby is measuring slightly bigger than normal and her heartbeat was around 130 bpm.  They did give me the glucose drink for next time (28 weeks) and a lab sheet for more blood work to check my thyroid.  I loved the orange drink with Ry, so hopefully my taste buds haven't changed.  I'll also be able to register for the hospital at week 28.  Baby girl is super active and squirmy.  I feel her moving all the time.

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