Wednesday, August 14, 2013

28 weeks

8/14/2013 - 28 weeks and 4 days 
Hello 3rd trimester!
How I Look -  Pregnant.  Baby girl is really sticking herself out there!

Weight :  +14.5 lbs.  

How I Feel - Experiencing painful numbness in my right arm and hand.  I did some research and it sounds like I might have pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome.  It's worse at night, I'll wake up after midnight with pain in my hand and upper arm and all I can do to lessen it is walk around and try to shake it out until it subsides.  The symptoms occur every hour or so after midnight.  I haven't been able to find a sleeping position to avoid the affliction, therefore the past 2 weeks I haven't been sleeping very much.  :(  I read that wrist splints or braces can help so I guess I'll have to invest in one of those to get some sleep.  This is SO NOT FUN.  

Symptoms -  My hands swell when I go outside in this TX heat, occasional lower back aches, overall belly tightness and increased trips to the bathroom.  I'm definitely more uncomfortable this second time around.

Cravings - Ice cream, fruit and chocolate.

Exercise - I'm hoping to work out more this week.  I only made it to the gym once last week.  However after today's workout I'm losing motivation. 

What I'm Looking Forward To -  I can't wait to see our maternity photos!!  A friend of ours, who's a photographer, offered to take them for us for free.  Our session was this past Sunday and he showed me a couple pictures from his camera and they looked great!  Also praying these next 12 weeks go by fast.

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - This hand/arm numbness every night, it's so painful!  Generally feeling more and more uncomfortable.

Odds & Ends -  I passed the glucose test, woohoo!  However my blood work showed that I'm anemic and need to take iron supplements (the exact same situation as when I was pregnant with Ry).  Unfortunately my thyroid came back abnormal again as well, so I'll have another blood workup in a month.  I also booked melissa q for our newborn photos in Nov, we used her for Ry's session as well.

My dad was deeply concerned over my well being after hearing about my arm numbness so he went out of his way to buy me this new pillow!  I also bought a wrist brace and tried them out last night.  So far it's working!  Instead of waking up at midnight and every hour after that, I made it until 3 am and only woke up twice with slight tingling/numbness.  I'm hoping it only gets better and soon I'll be able to sleep through the night again (barring any bathroom breaks of course).

***Update 8/16***
Dr confirmed I do have carpal tunnel syndrome.  Not much I can really do about it, she did recommend physical therapy to help so I'll need to set that up.  My iron count is so low I need to take supplements 2x's a day!  On the test I scored a 9.5 and they don't want you to drop below 11.  Yikes!  And it looks like baby girl will debut 10/28 (via c-section)!  Her vitals are great, moving all the time and heart beat was 143 bpm.

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