Wednesday, August 7, 2013

27 weeks

8/7/2013 - 27 weeks and 4 days 
Last week of my 2nd trimester! 

How I Look -  My belly is large and in charge!  Some of my friends are surprised by how different this pregnancy is from my first.  During my first pregnancy they could barely tell I was pregnant until after 6 months.  This time around they could tell much earlier.  And I'm only gonna get bigger!

Weight :  +13.5 lbs.  

How I Feel -  Lower back aches and increased trips to the bathroom, but otherwise OK.

Symptoms -  Lately my right arm from the shoulder down has been going numb, especially my hand.  It even happens when sleeping, I'm unable to lay on my side without my hand/arm going numb.  I will definitely talk to the Dr about this development at my next appointment next week.

Cravings - Ice cream, chocolate and fruit.

Exercise -  Workouts have been dwindling.  Work has been crazy busy lately which has made it hard for me to work out.  Plus it's so hot (above 100 degrees) that I do not want to venture outside for walks.

What I'm Looking Forward To -  Scheduling maternity pictures, we have a photog friend who offered to take them for us for free!  Super excited for my baby shower in September.  I received the invitation today and they are super cute, awesome job hostesses A, J and Mom!!   Meeting my new baby girl in Oct and finally being able to sleep on my stomach again (Nov)!

Front of invite - on a white background

back of invite

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Glucose test next week.  Last time I actually liked the orange drink, it tasted like orange crush.  I'm sure the taste won't be an issue this time either, all I'm worried about are the results.

Odds & Ends -  The nursery is painted and staged and I LOVE IT!  It turned out beautifully and I find the room very soothing.  I felt a little guilty that Ry's room is so neutral, so we went out and bought some blue paint to spruce up his room.  Hopefully we'll get to that in the next couple of weeks.  By next week I'll also need to register at the hospital.  I can't believe how quickly time is flying by, third tri here I come!

Bedding from Babies R Us (registry gift) - Nojo Beautiful Butterfly

Futon purple quilt, aqua sheets, ruffle pillow and butterfly pillow from Target

Paint in eggshell
light: valspar Iris Blossom 
dark: valspar Purple Valley

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