Wednesday, September 11, 2013

32 weeks

9/11/2013 - 32 weeks and 4 days 

32 weeks and 3 days. 9/10/2013
How I Look -  I think the same.  I've had a few more people tell me this week how great I look, that I don't look like I'm as far along as I really am.  Go me!  ;)

Weight :  +19.5 lbs.  I gained 31 lbs with Ryland...which means I will at least put on another 11 lbs if not more!  

How I Feel -  The same as last week.  My hands are numb ALL the time.  My belly feels super tight and pressurized, I really don't know how my belly can get any bigger without exploding!

Symptoms -  Tingling/numbness/pain in my hands and swelling in my feet.  My stomach is crowded by growing baby girl and I feel really uncomfortable after eating a large meal (I read I should now eat 6 small meals a day).  The pressure also causes way more bathroom breaks.  I've also noticed my hands and belly are itchy (apparently this is normal).

Cravings - Cheetos

Exercise - Hit the gym twice this week.  

What I'm Looking Forward To -   Week 39, only 7 more weeks to go!  Also my baby shower is only 11 days away!  I love Friday's now since I have them off, which gives me plenty of time to catch up on sleep with afternoon naps!

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Stretch marks and hand pain.

Odds & Ends -  Baby girl now has toenails, fingernails and hair (or at least respectable peach fuzz)!  She also really likes to kick the right side of my body and she's constantly moving.  I have another Dr's appointment tomorrow as I'm now checking in every 2 weeks.  Apparently I might have another ultrasound too!  Perhaps I'll be able to see how much hair she has on her head.  :)

Now onto my unusual sleeping positions.  I've noticed my hands go numb when they are parallel with the ground or angled upward, so I have to try and sleep propped up.  There's been quite a few times I've had to switch to the couch so that I can sleep sitting up, with a pillow on either side of my body to rest my arms/hands on.  I really miss sleeping on my stomach and even my side.  

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