Wednesday, October 2, 2013

35 weeks

10/2/2013 - 35 weeks and 4 days 

How I Look
 -  I've had more people tell me how good I look (at work, at the gym, and even at the last tailgate)!  I'm beginning to wonder if they're just being nice or if it's true...

Weight :  +24.5 lbs.  Down half a pound from last week.  Avoiding desserts at 10pm really helps.

How I Feel - Feet and hands the same.  My finger tips are always numb.  I feel like I'm always waddling around and sore.

Symptoms - Way too many pee breaks due to my ballooning uterus and because baby girl has started dropping! 

Cravings - Fruits, sweets and milk.

Exercise - 1 workout this week.  I cancelled my gym membership on Monday.  It's nice to be done with that for now.  ;)

What I'm Looking Forward To - We're going to San Antonio this weekend for a late babymoon.  Opa and Juju will watch Ry for us so that we can have some alone time.    

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Fingers crossed that nothing happens while I'm in SA this weekend. 

Odds & Ends - Ha!  Still need to pack my hospital bag.  At least this time around I know what I really need and can pack much lighter.  1 outfit for me, 2 outfits for baby girl (depending on her size), my pillow, toiletries, pump and my phone. 

I had two doctors appointments this morning, one for my last ultrasound and one for a normal checkup.  Baby girl is looking great and very active!  She's currently 6.25 lbs and on track to hit 7.5-8 lbs at birth (Ry was 8 lbs 3 oz).  Her heartbeat was between 145-150 bpm and she's head down.  We really couldn't get a good profile picture as her face was smashed up against the placenta.  I'm currently 1 cm dilated and Carsyn is at station -2, meaning she's started her descent (hence the pressure on my pelvic region and the frequent bathroom breaks)!  Baby will be fully engaged at station 0, which means labor can begin anytime after engagement!  The Dr also performed the GBS test (for bacteria) and I had to give yet another vial of blood at the lab.

Only 3.5 more weeks to go!  It's crunch time and I feel like I need to be cleaning, nothing feels clean enough!  Heck I just bought a groupon for a carpet cleaning deal.  I also need to finish up thank you notes for the shower, wash some more clothes, hang the wall decor in the nursery, pack my bag and I'm sure there's a few other things I've forgotten.  Feeling anxious!

-5 is a floating baby, 0 station is said to be engaged in the pelvis, and +5 is crowning. 

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