Sunday, October 27, 2013

39 weeks

10/27/2013 - 39 weeks and 1 day

39 weeks and 1 day.  10/27/2013

Ready to meet baby sister

How I Look -  Baby got front and more front!  However my hubby says from the back you can't tell I'm pregnant at all.  :fistpump:  :)

Weight :  +30.5 lbs.  

How I Feel - Overall uncomfortable, same ol' same ol'.  

Symptoms - Belly pressure, swelling feet/hands and hand numbness.  Still no contractions.  Lots of potty breaks throughout the night.

Cravings - Popsicles. 

Exercise - None

What I'm Looking Forward To - Heading to the hospital Monday morning.  I'm super excited!!  We get to meet our baby girl tomorrow.  ;)  

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Recovery and getting back on my feet after surgery.

Odds & Ends - Everything is ready to go.  We even have Ry's gift from Carsyn ready when he meets her for the very first time.  Tomorrow everything changes, again.  Now we'll have two littles under 3 yrs old.  It'll be interesting adjusting to the new family dynamic.  Here's to new adventures and even more love than I could have imagined!

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