Wednesday, October 23, 2013

38 weeks

10/23/2013 - 38 weeks and 4 days

38 weeks and 3 days. 10/22/2013
How I Look -  I look like I have 40 weeks worth of belly going on here!  Clothes, mainly pants, are uncomfortable.  I prefer to be in sweat shorts or sweat pants and tank tops.  I can't wear any of my shoes except for flip flops.  I finally broke down and wore my husbands tennis shoes this past week, however my ankles swelled like crazy above my sock line.

Weight :  +28 lbs.  

How I Feel - Baby girl has been kicking like crazy at night.  At one point I really thought she was going to burst out of my belly with all her ninja kicks and punches.  The hand numbness has become worse, but at least I'm at the tail end of this pregnancy!  Feet and hands are still swollen and I feel like a pressure cooker about to go off.  At this point in my pregnancy with Ry I was still wearing my wedding ring, wow, I gave up wearing any jewelry really early this time around due to all the swelling (like week 20 or something!).  I'm also feeling anxious and excited and so so ready to meet our baby girl!

Symptoms - Pressure, swelling and hand numbness.  Where are the contractions!?!?!?

Cravings - Indoor smores, milk, Cheetos, popsicles. 

Exercise - Nonexistent.  Just chasing Ry around and taking him to the park.

What I'm Looking Forward To - I'm super antsy for Monday, this week can not go by fast enough!  Oh and Thursday is my last day of work, woohoo!  I'm taking a vacation day on Friday and then heading to the hospital early Monday morning to meet our baby girl!

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - If my water breaks at work....but at this point I'm guessing that won't happen at all.  I think my body is gonna hold in this baby until D-day!

Odds & Ends - I keep dreaming that my water breaks and we head off to the hospital early.  Guess that's just wishful dreaming.  ;)  I also keep finding more and more things to do at the house before baby comes.  Last night I remembered that I still hadn't printed off any of my maternity pictures to hang up!  Bad mommy.  

My last doctors appointment went well.  Baby girl is measuring between 7.5-8 lbs and had a heartbeat of 141 bpm.  We went over the events of my c-section for Monday and then I was on my way.  Only 5 days left!

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