Wednesday, October 16, 2013

37 weeks - Full Term!

10/16/2013 - 37 weeks and 4 days

How I Look -  My belly is colossal, ginormous, gargantuan.

Weight :  +27 lbs.  

How I Feel - More and more uncomfortable.  It's getting tougher and tougher to roll out of bed and get up from the couch.  Bending over is no bueno.  The other day my toes turned blue and feet were swollen from standing all day, I had to put a cold wet towel on my feet and keep them elevated for a good two hours before they returned to normal.  My hands are still numb.

Symptoms - Pressure, pressure and more pressure surrounding my belly.  Soreness from the hips down.

Cravings - Chocolate milk, oreos and fruit.

Exercise - None, zip, zero, zilch.  Unless you count my struggles with getting off the couch or the bed.

What I'm Looking Forward To - So ready to be done and get my body back.  Ready to meet our new little bundle of joy!

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - We have a list of 'to-dos' before Carsyn arrives...we are only half way through it!  Hoping to knock it out this weekend.

Odds & Ends - I've finally found a comfortable sleeping position and have stayed in bed and away from the couch!  For the past 2 weeks I've been able to sleep on my left side or on my back with my right arm above my head.  Those are the only two positions that avoid hand pain/numbness at night.  Yay!

I started my hospital bag last night, pulling out everything I think I might need and have it sitting off to the side.  I'm sure there will be some last minute adds.

This past weekend we started our long to-do list for Carsyn, which consisted of me going through tons of baby clothes (new and hand me downs) and washing bottles while the hubby started hanging decor in the nursery and any other manual jobs that I really can't do. I felt like we were at it all day and barely made a dent.  I was exhausted!

Today's doctors appointment was the same as last week.  Baby girl is doing well, running about 7lbs at the moment with a heartbeat of 150-154 bpm.  I also received a flu shot.  Next week we'll go over the timeline and events for my scheduled c-section.

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