Sunday, October 27, 2013

39 weeks

10/27/2013 - 39 weeks and 1 day

39 weeks and 1 day.  10/27/2013

Ready to meet baby sister

How I Look -  Baby got front and more front!  However my hubby says from the back you can't tell I'm pregnant at all.  :fistpump:  :)

Weight :  +30.5 lbs.  

How I Feel - Overall uncomfortable, same ol' same ol'.  

Symptoms - Belly pressure, swelling feet/hands and hand numbness.  Still no contractions.  Lots of potty breaks throughout the night.

Cravings - Popsicles. 

Exercise - None

What I'm Looking Forward To - Heading to the hospital Monday morning.  I'm super excited!!  We get to meet our baby girl tomorrow.  ;)  

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Recovery and getting back on my feet after surgery.

Odds & Ends - Everything is ready to go.  We even have Ry's gift from Carsyn ready when he meets her for the very first time.  Tomorrow everything changes, again.  Now we'll have two littles under 3 yrs old.  It'll be interesting adjusting to the new family dynamic.  Here's to new adventures and even more love than I could have imagined!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

38 weeks

10/23/2013 - 38 weeks and 4 days

38 weeks and 3 days. 10/22/2013
How I Look -  I look like I have 40 weeks worth of belly going on here!  Clothes, mainly pants, are uncomfortable.  I prefer to be in sweat shorts or sweat pants and tank tops.  I can't wear any of my shoes except for flip flops.  I finally broke down and wore my husbands tennis shoes this past week, however my ankles swelled like crazy above my sock line.

Weight :  +28 lbs.  

How I Feel - Baby girl has been kicking like crazy at night.  At one point I really thought she was going to burst out of my belly with all her ninja kicks and punches.  The hand numbness has become worse, but at least I'm at the tail end of this pregnancy!  Feet and hands are still swollen and I feel like a pressure cooker about to go off.  At this point in my pregnancy with Ry I was still wearing my wedding ring, wow, I gave up wearing any jewelry really early this time around due to all the swelling (like week 20 or something!).  I'm also feeling anxious and excited and so so ready to meet our baby girl!

Symptoms - Pressure, swelling and hand numbness.  Where are the contractions!?!?!?

Cravings - Indoor smores, milk, Cheetos, popsicles. 

Exercise - Nonexistent.  Just chasing Ry around and taking him to the park.

What I'm Looking Forward To - I'm super antsy for Monday, this week can not go by fast enough!  Oh and Thursday is my last day of work, woohoo!  I'm taking a vacation day on Friday and then heading to the hospital early Monday morning to meet our baby girl!

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - If my water breaks at work....but at this point I'm guessing that won't happen at all.  I think my body is gonna hold in this baby until D-day!

Odds & Ends - I keep dreaming that my water breaks and we head off to the hospital early.  Guess that's just wishful dreaming.  ;)  I also keep finding more and more things to do at the house before baby comes.  Last night I remembered that I still hadn't printed off any of my maternity pictures to hang up!  Bad mommy.  

My last doctors appointment went well.  Baby girl is measuring between 7.5-8 lbs and had a heartbeat of 141 bpm.  We went over the events of my c-section for Monday and then I was on my way.  Only 5 days left!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

37 weeks - Full Term!

10/16/2013 - 37 weeks and 4 days

How I Look -  My belly is colossal, ginormous, gargantuan.

Weight :  +27 lbs.  

How I Feel - More and more uncomfortable.  It's getting tougher and tougher to roll out of bed and get up from the couch.  Bending over is no bueno.  The other day my toes turned blue and feet were swollen from standing all day, I had to put a cold wet towel on my feet and keep them elevated for a good two hours before they returned to normal.  My hands are still numb.

Symptoms - Pressure, pressure and more pressure surrounding my belly.  Soreness from the hips down.

Cravings - Chocolate milk, oreos and fruit.

Exercise - None, zip, zero, zilch.  Unless you count my struggles with getting off the couch or the bed.

What I'm Looking Forward To - So ready to be done and get my body back.  Ready to meet our new little bundle of joy!

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - We have a list of 'to-dos' before Carsyn arrives...we are only half way through it!  Hoping to knock it out this weekend.

Odds & Ends - I've finally found a comfortable sleeping position and have stayed in bed and away from the couch!  For the past 2 weeks I've been able to sleep on my left side or on my back with my right arm above my head.  Those are the only two positions that avoid hand pain/numbness at night.  Yay!

I started my hospital bag last night, pulling out everything I think I might need and have it sitting off to the side.  I'm sure there will be some last minute adds.

This past weekend we started our long to-do list for Carsyn, which consisted of me going through tons of baby clothes (new and hand me downs) and washing bottles while the hubby started hanging decor in the nursery and any other manual jobs that I really can't do. I felt like we were at it all day and barely made a dent.  I was exhausted!

Today's doctors appointment was the same as last week.  Baby girl is doing well, running about 7lbs at the moment with a heartbeat of 150-154 bpm.  I also received a flu shot.  Next week we'll go over the timeline and events for my scheduled c-section.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

36 weeks

10/9/2013 - 36 weeks and 4 days 
36 weeks and 2 days. 10/7/2013
How I Look -  HUGE.  My belly really sticks out, I forget how big I am until I see my profile.

Weight :  +27 lbs.  

How I Feel - Feet and hands the same.  My finger tips are always numb and I'm very stiff when I get up after sitting for a while.  Plus now my feet tingle sometimes, strange new sensation.

Symptoms - Feeling tons of pressure and uncomfortable tightness.

Cravings - Fruits, sweets, milk & chocolate milk, and popsicles (don't tell Ry!).

Exercise - What exercise?  I did squeeze in a TON of walking this weekend when we went to San Antonio for a babymoon.  ;)

What I'm Looking Forward To - 3 more weeks and time away from work.

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - All the last minute stuff I still need to do before baby arrives!

Odds & Ends - My Dr's appointment this week was fairly boring.  Baby is great, heartbeat is 142 bpm, my Group B strep culture was negative and there was no change in dilation or anything.  That's right, still holding steady from last week.  My guess is baby girl is gonna stick it out until D-day.  And yes, I still need to pack my hospital bag.  :P

This past weekend we went to San Antonio for a babymoon.  We mostly stuck to the river walk and places within driving distance as it was hard on me to walk long distances.  We hit up several eateries and bars on the river walk, checked out Pearl and the farmer's market and even ate dinner at the restaurant where my hubby proposed.  All in all a great weekend.

Remember the Alamo!

Pearl brew house and farmer's market

Dinner at Aldo's

Drinks on the river walk, mine's a virgin of course ;)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

35 weeks

10/2/2013 - 35 weeks and 4 days 

How I Look
 -  I've had more people tell me how good I look (at work, at the gym, and even at the last tailgate)!  I'm beginning to wonder if they're just being nice or if it's true...

Weight :  +24.5 lbs.  Down half a pound from last week.  Avoiding desserts at 10pm really helps.

How I Feel - Feet and hands the same.  My finger tips are always numb.  I feel like I'm always waddling around and sore.

Symptoms - Way too many pee breaks due to my ballooning uterus and because baby girl has started dropping! 

Cravings - Fruits, sweets and milk.

Exercise - 1 workout this week.  I cancelled my gym membership on Monday.  It's nice to be done with that for now.  ;)

What I'm Looking Forward To - We're going to San Antonio this weekend for a late babymoon.  Opa and Juju will watch Ry for us so that we can have some alone time.    

What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Fingers crossed that nothing happens while I'm in SA this weekend. 

Odds & Ends - Ha!  Still need to pack my hospital bag.  At least this time around I know what I really need and can pack much lighter.  1 outfit for me, 2 outfits for baby girl (depending on her size), my pillow, toiletries, pump and my phone. 

I had two doctors appointments this morning, one for my last ultrasound and one for a normal checkup.  Baby girl is looking great and very active!  She's currently 6.25 lbs and on track to hit 7.5-8 lbs at birth (Ry was 8 lbs 3 oz).  Her heartbeat was between 145-150 bpm and she's head down.  We really couldn't get a good profile picture as her face was smashed up against the placenta.  I'm currently 1 cm dilated and Carsyn is at station -2, meaning she's started her descent (hence the pressure on my pelvic region and the frequent bathroom breaks)!  Baby will be fully engaged at station 0, which means labor can begin anytime after engagement!  The Dr also performed the GBS test (for bacteria) and I had to give yet another vial of blood at the lab.

Only 3.5 more weeks to go!  It's crunch time and I feel like I need to be cleaning, nothing feels clean enough!  Heck I just bought a groupon for a carpet cleaning deal.  I also need to finish up thank you notes for the shower, wash some more clothes, hang the wall decor in the nursery, pack my bag and I'm sure there's a few other things I've forgotten.  Feeling anxious!

-5 is a floating baby, 0 station is said to be engaged in the pelvis, and +5 is crowning.