Friday, October 1, 2010

12 weeks!!

10/1/2010 - 12 weeks

How I Look - Malek says I'm starting to show!  I do think I have a little pooch.  However a co-worker told me yesterday that it doesn't look like I've changed at all.  That I look very slender.  :D  So far so good with my weight, I haven't gained anything yet thanks to all the running.
How I Feel - Still feeling good, no nausea. 
Symptoms - Pregnancy blemishes are showing up more and more...not too thrilled about that.  As soon as I manage to get rid of one blemish, 2 more appear!  And of course my hormones are finally rearing their ugly heads.  I was so emotional the other day it was crazy.
Cravings -  Chocolate milk and a McDonald's quarter pounder.  Unfortunately I wasn't near a McDonald's so Sonic had to do.  Lesson learned - a single quarter pounder is plenty, double is TOO MUCH!
Exercise - Hit the elliptical twice this week, did some light weights and fit in a couple of runs.

A friend of mine gave me a whole bunch of baby stuff this week.  A car seat, changing pad, motion monitor, books and a few toys.  When she started going over the car seat with me I freaked out.  That thing is SO complicated if you take it apart.  Then I began to wonder what else will be this complicated?  How will I be able to handle carrying all my stuff and a baby!?  Holy moly I'm having a baby!!!  It was a startling realization.  One of those moments where it really sinks in that my life is going to change.

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