Friday, October 29, 2010

16 weeks

How I Look - Same as last week, weight unchanged.
How I Feel -  I thought for sure I was getting sick, flu like symptoms, on Thursday, but luckily it cleared up around lunch time.  I'm guessing the cold front that came through messed me up.  Other than that it's been a good week.
Symptoms - Nose is slightly better, still feels dried out and irritated from time to time.
Cravings -  Nothing. 
Exercise -  I've run twice this week, Sat and Tues morning.  I skipped Thursdays run due to a restless nights sleep.  I'm planning to run tomorrow (Sat).
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Feeling the baby move/kick.  I've read the 'quickening' (fluttering movements) happens between 16 and 20 weeks.  :D  So far I haven't felt anything...
Odds and Ends - Received my first flu shot in over 15 years this morning.  So far so good, no soreness.  I had a check-up Wed morning and baby is doing well, heart rate 148.  I also scheduled my anatomy ultrasound for the day before Thanksgiving!!! 

Today we had a Halloween contest at work, I dressed up as an Egyptian Mummy Queen and took 1st place!  I love Halloween and have been wearing Halloween shirts to work for the past week.  Yup, I'm special like that.  Plus we are having our annual Halloween party this weekend.  Muhahahahaha!  Beware the Curse of the Mummy!  Malek will dress up as a Zombie...I've been telling people we will be a Mummy and Deady.  :D

10/29/2010 Mummy Queen.  At work.
16 weeks 10/29/2010...small bump

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  1. Sounds like you'll have something spectacular to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving. :)