Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's electric!

I had a little hair raising experience last night.  We are decorating the house for our Halloween party and I decided to move around a pumpkin light.  As I went to unplug it from the outlet, I received a quick shock!  I dropped the cord immediately.  It was a mild shock, pretty much only felt it in my finger tips and it got my heart racing a bit, but it was enough to freak me out.  I immediately went to the Internet to look up information on similar situations.  Needless to say what I read only made me worry more.  However by this time it was after 9pm and my Dr's office was closed.  Since I was feeling fine I decided I'd call in the morning.  At 8am I'm on the phone with the nurse.  She assured me everything would be okay, that she'd actually had another patient call in for the same thing recently and they didn't need to do anything.  Of course I could go in to listen to the baby's heartbeat if I wanted, but since it was a mild shock the baby would be fine.  What a relief.

On another note, Mr Miyagi has found its next candidate!  I had a co-worker request his magical presence and so I dropped him off at his new cube this past Friday.  It's time for him to work his charm on someone else.  :)

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