Friday, October 22, 2010

15 weeks

How I Look - Weight still the same, abdomen a little more noticeable and tighter.
How I Feel -  There was one day this week that I just felt 'blah' and decided to WFH in the afternoon and wear my favorite PJs.  I was pretty cranky that day.
Symptoms - Stuffy, irritated nose...actually I just realized I've had this irritated nose for a couple weeks now.  I even had a couple small nosebleeds, which is apparently common during pregnancy.  My nose just feels very dried out, which makes me want to buy a humidifier and adds to my crankiness.
Cravings -  Nothing.  When it's time for me to eat, nothing sounds appetizing.  I'm having to force myself to find something to consume.  Highly unusual for me.
Exercise -  None!  I took a week off from exercise to let my IT band/knee rest.  I must admit it was nice not having to wake up early to work out.  Saturday will be my first morning back running....I'm a little worried how that will turn out.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Decorating the nursery!  It's killing me that I have to wait until the end of Nov before I can do anything. 
Odds and Ends - I made an appointment today to get a flu shot next Friday.  This will be my first flu shot in over 15 years!  I just don't feel that they are necessary.  The only reason I'm getting the shot is because I received an incredulous stare from a friend when I told her I wasn't going to get one...and then my mom sent me an email of all the reasons why I should.  I even called my Dr's office and they highly recommended it.  Sigh...fine...I give in...I'll do it.

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