Friday, January 7, 2011

26 weeks

How I Look - Pregnant!  :D  Check out those photos!
How I Feel -  Overall good.  Everyone once in a while my lower back and abs ache, due to growing belly I guess.  I've found my seat heater in the car does wonders for my back!  I really need to break out my heating pad at home.  Hot showers feel awesome on my back and help me to relax as well.
Weight -   +11 lbs overall
Symptoms -  Occasional lower back aches.  Bring on the heating pad and hot showers!
Cravings -  Nothing really this week.
Exercise -  Made it to the gym on Tuesday, which was also my first day back to work after the holidays, and Friday! 
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Checking our baby registries to see if anything has been purchased.  :D  
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Need to look at a few more day cares and make a decision soon...ugh!  And the glucose test in 2 weeks.  Bah!
Odds and Ends - Last week I confirmed registration for the childbirth class and baby basics class.  Before the holidays I transferred my membership from my church in Maryland to the one here in Round Rock.  I'll have to double check, but it looks like we don't need to take any classes for baptism, all that is required is that we are members of the church!  Baby Ryland has also now resorted to kicking me ALL DAY LONG, mainly on my right side.  At least he's not keep me up at night....yet.  The BOB jogging stroller I ordered arrived this week, making it all the more real that we are going to have a baby here soon.  I'm super excited with how the nursery is turning out, it's hard to believe how much we've already accomplished!  On another note, I'm also freaking out that we don't have everything finished yet.  Granted we have a little over 3 months to go, but since 2011 hit I feel like I'm now in a rush to have it all done!    
26 weeks - 1/7/2011
Check out that belly!


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