Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deep breaths and chocolate cake

Well, I thoroughly freaked myself out the other day.  The hubby and I were discussing our babymoon (pre-birth getaway) last night when we realized we didn't have very many 'free' weekends left.  I started making a list of all the events we have planned and discovered from here on out we have only 3 free weekends remaining!!!  Almost every weekend is booked with something: childbirth classes, birthdays, baby showers, maternity pictures, our babymoon/anniversary getaway, a wedding....oh my!  Plus there is still our to-do list before baby arrives: book hospital tour, confirm pediatrician, confirm time off from work (FMLA?), wash all the baby clothes/bedding, day care registration, buy diapers, set up car seat, etc.  Wowza!  I had a little itzy bitzy panic attack and went into over drive.  Malek found this quite humorous and laughed at me until we went to bed. 

I am feeling better today.  Deep breaths and chocolate cake have calmed me down.  I know plenty of other mothers have gone through this before me and everything turned out just fine.  I have 87 days left to prepare before our bundle of joy arrives.  It's both exciting and scary! 

Chocolaty goodness at work! 1/18/2011
While writing this blog I did a search and ran across one mothers check list...here are some of the things on her list that I had forgotten about!  I'm sure there are quite a few things I'm still missing....
  • give a house key to a friend to take care of our dogs (?) or find person willing to watch them for a night or two
  • thank you notes for the baby shower
  • pack a bag for the hospital
  • list of people to call/email after baby is born
  • add baby to insurance (Malek's got this covered!)
  • nursing equipment/clothing
  • birth announcements
  • get my hair cut!
  • buy infant Tylenol/meds

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