Friday, January 28, 2011

29 weeks

Weight -   +16.5 lbs overall.
Symptoms -  Same ol' same ol', my back is usually sore/achy by the end of the day.  I relish long hot showers....though the energy bill begs to differ.  I also have a small annoying stitch in my right side that I'm constantly having to massage.
Cravings -  Girl Scout cookies are here!  I've already managed to polish off a box of caramel delites (my fav!)...I need to break into the Thin Mints (they are in the freezer).  :drool:
Exercise -  Went to the gym on Monday only and made it outside to walk the dogs one evening.  Apparently eating out this week took precedence. 
What I'm Looking Forward To - Hitting the 30+ weeks and the last stretch of my pregnancy.  I'm super excited to arrive at week 37, when I'm considered full term, because that means the baby could come at any time and I'm ready to meet him!  Plus I soooo want to sleep on my stomach again. 
What I'm Not Looking Forward To -  All the symptoms I keep reading about are a bit scary; swelling, hemorrhoids, heartburn, constipation, leg cramps.  Knock on wood that they stay away.  So far so good.
Odds and Ends - Valentines day is coming up and I have no clue what we'll do.  What I'm more interested in is our babymoon/anniversary at the end of March!  We received a code for a free 2 night stay at a hotel and mailed in all our info a couple weeks ago.  I'm hoping we get what we requested, you just never know with those things.  I'm also ready for January to be over with, because there's so much going on in Feb and Mar that time will fly by and Apr will be here before we realize it. :D  I also love feeling the baby kick, and he moves/kicks all the time!  It's quite amazing watching my stomach bounce around like there's a party going on in there.

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  1. Hopefully it goes as smoothly for you as it did for me - only heartburn as far as symptoms