Friday, January 14, 2011

27 weeks

Hello 3rd (and last) trimester!!!

How I Look - My friend Amanda says every time she sees me I'm a different shape.  :P  I did have a co-worker tell me yesterday that I was looking cute, and asked if I was due in July!?!  When I told her April, she was like; Wow, you're really doing well!  Yay, go me!
How I Feel -  Good
Weight -   +15 lbs overall.  That's a 4 lb jump since last Fri!!!  :-/   
Symptoms -  Aching back and increased trips to the restroom.  Heating pad,  hot showers and the occasional Tylenol helps. 
Cravings -  Cookies!  I'm back to the oreos.  :D 
Exercise -  Hit the gym early this week, worked out during lunch on Monday and Tuesday.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  All kinds of things!  Maternity pictures (March), baby shower (March), meeting our new little boy (April), being able to sleep on my stomach again (May)!!!
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - The day when I will no longer be able to bend over and tie my's already becoming difficult to get up from the couch and sometimes even the bed! 
Odds and Ends - The baby should weigh about 2 lbs now.  Every time I lean forward he likes to kick me, guess I'm squishing him when I do that.  :)  This morning we checked out 3 other day cares and found one we both like!  It looks like we'll be going with Kids R Kids.  So glad we can check that off our to-do list.  Now we need to set up our tour of the hospital and talk to the pediatrician.  Next week is the glucose test....oh joy!

the orange glucose drink...sitting in my fridge waiting patiently for me
Notice that behind the orange drink are Malek's home-brewed beers....I'd rather have one of those...but alas I can not.

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