Friday, January 28, 2011

29 weeks

Weight -   +16.5 lbs overall.
Symptoms -  Same ol' same ol', my back is usually sore/achy by the end of the day.  I relish long hot showers....though the energy bill begs to differ.  I also have a small annoying stitch in my right side that I'm constantly having to massage.
Cravings -  Girl Scout cookies are here!  I've already managed to polish off a box of caramel delites (my fav!)...I need to break into the Thin Mints (they are in the freezer).  :drool:
Exercise -  Went to the gym on Monday only and made it outside to walk the dogs one evening.  Apparently eating out this week took precedence. 
What I'm Looking Forward To - Hitting the 30+ weeks and the last stretch of my pregnancy.  I'm super excited to arrive at week 37, when I'm considered full term, because that means the baby could come at any time and I'm ready to meet him!  Plus I soooo want to sleep on my stomach again. 
What I'm Not Looking Forward To -  All the symptoms I keep reading about are a bit scary; swelling, hemorrhoids, heartburn, constipation, leg cramps.  Knock on wood that they stay away.  So far so good.
Odds and Ends - Valentines day is coming up and I have no clue what we'll do.  What I'm more interested in is our babymoon/anniversary at the end of March!  We received a code for a free 2 night stay at a hotel and mailed in all our info a couple weeks ago.  I'm hoping we get what we requested, you just never know with those things.  I'm also ready for January to be over with, because there's so much going on in Feb and Mar that time will fly by and Apr will be here before we realize it. :D  I also love feeling the baby kick, and he moves/kicks all the time!  It's quite amazing watching my stomach bounce around like there's a party going on in there.

Friday, January 21, 2011

28 weeks

How I Look - I finally had co-workers start congratulating me at work this week (3 in one day!).  I must admit the shirts I've worn the past few days make me look really pregnant, so they probably felt safe enough now to say something. ;)
How I Feel -  Awesome!
Weight -   +15 lbs overall.  Holding steady from last week.
Symptoms -  Occasional lower back aches.  Posture is key.
Cravings -  Cupcakes!  This week has been all about chocolate cupcakes, I made two different batches.  1st batch was devil's food cake from a box mix with chocolate frosting.  The 2nd batch was a brand new recipe and from scratch, chocolate surprise cupcakes, made with cocoa powder and a cream cheese choc chip filling!
Exercise -  Went to the gym on Monday and Tuesday.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  I ordered a maternity dress from (it was $14 on sale!) and I'm patiently waiting for it to arrive.  It looked super cute online!  I want to wear it for my shower.  :)
What I'm Not Looking Forward To -  From what I read, 28 weeks and on is when some mothers feel leg cramps, itching and swelling.  So far I'm doing OK, fingers crossed going forward!
Odds and Ends - I passed the glucose test!!!  The Doctors want you at a score under 140 and mine was 88.  Woohoo!  However they did say my iron was a bit low, so I get to take iron supplements.  Either way I'm just happy I don't have to retake the glucose test, the 2nd time around is much worse from what I hear (an all day event and 3 different times to draw blood). 
My friends showed me the invitations for the baby shower, they are super cute (I'll post pictures later when they are actually mailed).  I'm so excited and can barely wait!!!  I, actually my friend Amanda, also found a great deal for newborn pictures!  The photographer is melissa q and I've already booked her for the end of April.  Our maternity pictures will be through luxe photography in March, I bought a photo package deal for it off Eversave Austin.  Save where I can right? 

28 weeks - 1/21/2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glucose test

Early this morning I had my glucose test.  I was kinda worried how that orange drink would go down, but it was actually pretty good!  Tasted just like orange crush.  :)  I chugged it in 4 mins flat and only suffered one brain freeze.  I should find out my results on Friday or Monday.  Immediately following the test I had a Dr appointment.  Baby is doing great - 140 bpm, and measuring right on track!  He's a feisty little guy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deep breaths and chocolate cake

Well, I thoroughly freaked myself out the other day.  The hubby and I were discussing our babymoon (pre-birth getaway) last night when we realized we didn't have very many 'free' weekends left.  I started making a list of all the events we have planned and discovered from here on out we have only 3 free weekends remaining!!!  Almost every weekend is booked with something: childbirth classes, birthdays, baby showers, maternity pictures, our babymoon/anniversary getaway, a wedding....oh my!  Plus there is still our to-do list before baby arrives: book hospital tour, confirm pediatrician, confirm time off from work (FMLA?), wash all the baby clothes/bedding, day care registration, buy diapers, set up car seat, etc.  Wowza!  I had a little itzy bitzy panic attack and went into over drive.  Malek found this quite humorous and laughed at me until we went to bed. 

I am feeling better today.  Deep breaths and chocolate cake have calmed me down.  I know plenty of other mothers have gone through this before me and everything turned out just fine.  I have 87 days left to prepare before our bundle of joy arrives.  It's both exciting and scary! 

Chocolaty goodness at work! 1/18/2011
While writing this blog I did a search and ran across one mothers check are some of the things on her list that I had forgotten about!  I'm sure there are quite a few things I'm still missing....
  • give a house key to a friend to take care of our dogs (?) or find person willing to watch them for a night or two
  • thank you notes for the baby shower
  • pack a bag for the hospital
  • list of people to call/email after baby is born
  • add baby to insurance (Malek's got this covered!)
  • nursing equipment/clothing
  • birth announcements
  • get my hair cut!
  • buy infant Tylenol/meds

Friday, January 14, 2011

27 weeks

Hello 3rd (and last) trimester!!!

How I Look - My friend Amanda says every time she sees me I'm a different shape.  :P  I did have a co-worker tell me yesterday that I was looking cute, and asked if I was due in July!?!  When I told her April, she was like; Wow, you're really doing well!  Yay, go me!
How I Feel -  Good
Weight -   +15 lbs overall.  That's a 4 lb jump since last Fri!!!  :-/   
Symptoms -  Aching back and increased trips to the restroom.  Heating pad,  hot showers and the occasional Tylenol helps. 
Cravings -  Cookies!  I'm back to the oreos.  :D 
Exercise -  Hit the gym early this week, worked out during lunch on Monday and Tuesday.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  All kinds of things!  Maternity pictures (March), baby shower (March), meeting our new little boy (April), being able to sleep on my stomach again (May)!!!
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - The day when I will no longer be able to bend over and tie my's already becoming difficult to get up from the couch and sometimes even the bed! 
Odds and Ends - The baby should weigh about 2 lbs now.  Every time I lean forward he likes to kick me, guess I'm squishing him when I do that.  :)  This morning we checked out 3 other day cares and found one we both like!  It looks like we'll be going with Kids R Kids.  So glad we can check that off our to-do list.  Now we need to set up our tour of the hospital and talk to the pediatrician.  Next week is the glucose test....oh joy!

the orange glucose drink...sitting in my fridge waiting patiently for me
Notice that behind the orange drink are Malek's home-brewed beers....I'd rather have one of those...but alas I can not.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Staging take 2!

We rearranged the baby's room again, trying to find the best way to accommodate all the furniture and still keep the bed.  :)  Here's the latest layout:

Glider and ottoman have been added

Newly painted chest and changing table have been added.  Still need to hang the mirror.

Friday, January 7, 2011

26 weeks

How I Look - Pregnant!  :D  Check out those photos!
How I Feel -  Overall good.  Everyone once in a while my lower back and abs ache, due to growing belly I guess.  I've found my seat heater in the car does wonders for my back!  I really need to break out my heating pad at home.  Hot showers feel awesome on my back and help me to relax as well.
Weight -   +11 lbs overall
Symptoms -  Occasional lower back aches.  Bring on the heating pad and hot showers!
Cravings -  Nothing really this week.
Exercise -  Made it to the gym on Tuesday, which was also my first day back to work after the holidays, and Friday! 
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Checking our baby registries to see if anything has been purchased.  :D  
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Need to look at a few more day cares and make a decision soon...ugh!  And the glucose test in 2 weeks.  Bah!
Odds and Ends - Last week I confirmed registration for the childbirth class and baby basics class.  Before the holidays I transferred my membership from my church in Maryland to the one here in Round Rock.  I'll have to double check, but it looks like we don't need to take any classes for baptism, all that is required is that we are members of the church!  Baby Ryland has also now resorted to kicking me ALL DAY LONG, mainly on my right side.  At least he's not keep me up at night....yet.  The BOB jogging stroller I ordered arrived this week, making it all the more real that we are going to have a baby here soon.  I'm super excited with how the nursery is turning out, it's hard to believe how much we've already accomplished!  On another note, I'm also freaking out that we don't have everything finished yet.  Granted we have a little over 3 months to go, but since 2011 hit I feel like I'm now in a rush to have it all done!    
26 weeks - 1/7/2011
Check out that belly!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Steiff German Teddy Bear

Check out the wonderful Steiff teddy bear my daddy bought for Ryland!  Steiff is the world's oldest plush manufacturer and is best known as the company that invented the Teddy bear; their trademark is the 'brass in ear' button.  My parents also gave one to my brother and me when we were babies.  They are coveted collectibles.  :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So long 2010, Hello 2011

So long 2010....

2010 was the last year in which I will simply be known as Christina (or Tina), 2011 brings with it a new name and identity - one which I will keep for the rest of my life, regardless of the path my journey takes...Mother!

I know with a new baby in our lives that my house will not always be clean, things will not always go my way nor will I get to do all the things I want.  There will be times I'll be overwhelmed and experience many sleepless nights.  I will have my failures and successes and many lessons will be learned; but it will all be worth it.  It will be an amazing year with an exciting new chapter for our growing family. 

Hello 2011 and our new son!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crib, curtains and glider oh my!

Lots of changes/home improvements going on in the Malek household!

Hubby and I painted all the bedrooms upstairs the weekend before my parents arrived for the holidays (yes, I really did paint).  The nursery received a nice kilim beige coat of paint, which will go perfectly with the crib bedding we picked out.

Next my dad and hubby put together the Pali Paula crib, which a good friend of mine from out of town gave to me.  It did arrive a bit damaged, but the men expertly repaired it!  Now we just need the mattress.

I ordered curtains from Restoration Hardware before my parents arrived, the curtains were delivered the day before xmas!  We bought a nice mahogany wood pole and finials from Home Depot and my dad hung them up for us.  The blue curtains match the crib bedding perfectly!

My mom found a new lamp base for the brown shade I had in the guest room.  The color matches the crib and dresser...and it was only $4 from Goodwill!

I also purchased a mirror with dark wood frame to hang above the dresser from HomeGoods.  We are still trying to figure out the best way to arrange the room before we can hang the mirror.  I'm trying to keep the bed in the room so I have a place to crash if I need to stay with the baby all night...but that queen sized bed takes up a lot of space!  We might have to take it out and put our futon in there or a couch from the game room....decisions decisions.

Yesterday I found an awesome glider and ottoman on Craigslist for only $45 - what a steal deal!  :D  It's super comfortable.  Currently it's located in our garage until we move it upstairs. 

Next up is to paint Emma's old dresser espresso and use it in the nursery.  We put all my old furniture from my childhood (which is still in awesome condition) into Emma's room, so she has a nice matching set. 

The baby's room is coming along splendidly!