Friday, December 10, 2010

22 weeks

22 weeks - 12/10/2010

Christmas picture!  22 weeks - 12/10/2010

How I Look - People are finally saying that they can tell I am pregnant and showing!
How I Feel -  Still feeling great.  I am noticing that it's starting to feel a little uncomfortable when I bend over to pick things up.   
Weight -   +5 lbs overall
Symptoms - None really.  Unless you count being really cranky lately in the mornings.  I'm sure Malek does! 
Cravings -  Sweets are still in!  I've been eating Christmas cookies all week.  4 of my friends (+ myself) decided to do a cookie exchange, we each received a dozen different cookies from each person.  5 dozen cookies in the house!!!  Not sure if I'm craving them or just eating them because they are in front of me.  And on Tuesday I had an awesome cupcake from Red Robin.  Yummmm!
Exercise -  Elliptical and light arm weights 2x's this week...and several dog walks.  I even once walked both dogs by myself!  Not sure I'll do that alone again...
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Family coming into town for the holidays.  They finally get to see my baby bump in person!
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - I am not liking that I now wake up twice a night to go to the restroom.  Ugh!  And I miss sleeping on my stomach.
Odds and Ends - Time to be on the lookout for stretch marks and growing feet!  Yikes!  So far so good, haven't noticed anything yet.  Just in case I have been applying Burt's Bees lotion to my belly and I haven't noticed any swelling or changes with my feet.  Fingers crossed!  I've also had a couple people ask me when I was going to set up the baby registry...I was planning on tackling that in Jan.

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