Friday, December 17, 2010

23 weeks

How I Look - Pregnant!  We had a holiday work lunch this past Tuesday and my co-workers were like: One min she didn't look pregnant and the next she's really showing!  Ha!  I guess the last time they really saw me was a couple weeks before it would be a noticeable change to them. 
How I Feel -  This week I got my first cold while pregnant.  SO. NOT. FUN.  It started Wed with a sore throat, then by Thurs I was coughing, runny nose, feeling run down, and last night trying to sleep was HORRIBLE!  I'm hoping today it will be over with. 
Weight -   +7 lbs overall
Symptoms - Wild mood swings...?  Occasionally I'm just in a bad mood and have no idea why.  I at least try to warn Malek when I'm irritated for no good reason so he can stay clear of me.  :P
Cravings -  Sweets are still in!  I made chocolate chip cookies this week so I had something sweet to snack on.  ;)
Exercise -  Only went to the gym once this week and I didn't walk the dogs.  But since I started getting sick on Wed, it's probably better I stayed low key anyways.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Painting Evan and Emma's rooms today!  We'll paint the nursery a couple days later.
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - If this cold I have lasts past today.  :(  Wondering if I should go to the Dr for other meds?  All I can take OTC is Tylenol and Robitussin. 
Odds and Ends - Baby Malek was kicking up a storm this week!  It's very exciting.  A few weeks ago I was lucky if I thought I felt a little movement here or there, but this week for sure there was no denying it.  Baby was definitely moving around and Malek was even able to feel it!  And yesterday I organized the toy bookcase in the game room.  That was so much fun and turned out super cute!

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