Friday, December 31, 2010

25 weeks

How I Look - A stranger at buybuy BABY told me that she couldn't even tell I was pregnant.  Of course my parents think my bump has gotten bigger since they've been here.  Go fig. 
How I Feel -  GREAT, except for the one day that my breathing was constricted by my too small undergarments.  This has been remedied.
Weight -   +8.5 lbs overall.  I had a Dr appointment on Thursday and the Dr said "Finally, your weight has jumped up."  The 'jump' word freaked me out a bit.  I was up 11 lbs but it seems I've lost a couple pounds since yesterday...
Symptoms -  Same as last week.  Just the normal crankiness when I start to get hungry or tired.
Cravings -  Still sweets.  Malek picked up Round Rock donuts this week and I ate 3 in one sitting!  :-/
Exercise -  Last time I worked out was Sat 12/25.  However I have been walking the dogs.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Adding more items to the baby registries!   
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - At my Dr's visit yesterday they gave me the dreaded orange drink, for the glucose-screening test, to take home.  I have to drink it for my next appointment in 3 weeks!  ~gag~
Odds and Ends - This week my mom and I went to buybuy BABY and set up the registry!  I had entirely way too much fun going through all the items and adding them to the list.  I thought this would be tiresome, daunting and annoying, but actually I really enjoyed it.  I also set up registries at Sears and Babies R Us.  I've already received the diaper bag from my Great Aunt Deanie.  I'm also definitely noticing that I tire out fairly quickly and it's getting harder and harder to bend over or get up off low chairs/couches.

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