Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Maternity Clothes

Ah maternity clothes, it's a love/hate relationship.  I start off the day thinking I look pretty darn cute and then by the end of the day, when I'm feeling exhausted and beaten down, I think I look just plain frumpy. 

I do love the stretchiness of the clothing, the elastic waistbands and some of the apparel is kinda cute.  There are some pregnant women out there when you see them you think, they are soooo adorable, that's a cute outfit!  However maternity clothing can also look like a sack (shirts with ruching are the way to go), are somewhat expensive for the short amount of time you wear them, and they are baggy.  I for one can not seem to keep my pants up!  The ones with the full panels just keep fall down, taking my underwear with them.  I have to hold them up as I walk around....not to mention they do NOTHING for my backside (hence the bagginess)!  How I miss my Seven jeans!!!  I'm sure by my 3rd trimester the pants will fit much better and stay in place, but then I'll have a whole new issue.  All the stuff I can wear now probably wont fit later!!  Vicious vicious cycle. 

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