Friday, December 24, 2010

24 weeks - Merry Christmas Eve!

How I Look - The baby bump is definitely noticeable.  However, my sister-in-law says I'm barely showing.  My parents think I look cute.  ;)  Malek said " is poking out!"
How I Feel -  It's been a great week leading up to Christmas!  I did have a cold last week for about 3 days or so...I managed to get over that fairly quickly.  I'm loving having family around and being on vacation.
Weight -   +8.5 lbs overall
Symptoms -  None...just the normal crankiness when I start to get hungry.
Cravings -  Still sweets.  Since this is the week of Christmas we've been making all kinds of xmas cookies -  Murbchen, snickerdoodles and candy cane cookies!  I'm in heaven.
Exercise -  Went to the gym once (on Monday), walked the dog several times.  It's the holidays!  I plan on relaxing.  Probably won't work out again until Jan.  :D
What I'm Looking Forward To -  The crib and curtains arrived in the mail yesterday.  I'm looking forward to supervising watching Malek put it together and hang the curtains of course.  :D 
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - Soon I'll have to take that glucose test (the orange drink!)...I have a Dr appointment next week...wonder if that will be the day... 
Odds and Ends - Baby Malek is very active in the evenings.  So far he hasn't kept me awake at night, I'm sure that will change soon.  I did have a night of insomnia, I was awake from 3am-6am for no reason, that was no fun. 

Merry Christmas Eve!  24 weeks - 12/24/2010

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