Friday, December 3, 2010

21 weeks

How I Look - The same as last week, loving my cute little baby bump.  It does throw me off when I see my profile reflected in a window.  Is that really me??
How I Feel -  Still feeling great.  My back only becomes sore when I sit in very uncomfortable chairs (i.e. the hard plastic chairs you find in large team rooms at work). 
Weight -   +4.5 lbs overall
Symptoms - None really.  I do still need the humidifier at night for my nose.  And now that the holidays are upon us I really miss being able to drink!  No wine during all the festivities with family & friends is gonna be tough, especially since that's the time everyone indulges (specifically NYE!).
Cravings -  Don't think I had any this week.  Though I did eat a whole bag of pistachios!
Exercise -  Went to the gym for elliptical and lights weights 2x's this week...but only managed to walk the dogs once.  Bad Tina.
What I'm Looking Forward To -  Picking out bedding for the nursery.  I've only viewed them online, eventually I need to go to a baby store and see them in person! 
What I'm Not Looking Forward To - I read that I have to start watching out for varicose veins!  Ack!  To help prevent or minimize varicose veins I need to: exercise daily, prop up your feet and legs whenever possible, sleep on your left side, and wear maternity support hose.  I am so NOT wearing hose.  Guess I need to be better about my exercise.
Odds and Ends - I keep reading I should be sleeping on my left side, but mostly I sleep on my back or my right side.  And actually not many people have noticed my bump...besides my friends that know what's going on, no one has said anything.  Every time I go to Pluckers they look at me like I'm crazy when I don't order my usual Pluckers lemonade (alcohol).  Go figure.  And today while at the gym I asked the manager if there were any upcoming moms-in-motions classes and she was shocked that I'm 21 weeks.  She was like "where's your bump??"

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