Friday, December 24, 2010

Baby has a name!

We have decided on a name!  We've been trying it out for a few weeks at home just to make sure we liked it.  This week we decided to share the name with family and friends.  Good timing and all since it is the Holidays and my entire immediate family is here this Christmas.  The name of Baby Malek is (drum roll...):

Ryland Carter Malek!!!

The moment I heard/saw this name I fell in love.  Surprisingly enough Malek liked it too!  We finally had a name that we both agreed on.  I had a lot of criteria for the perfect name.  We wanted a name that was masculine, strong, could have a nickname (Ry, Rylie), professional, sounds attractive and wasn't popular (I couldn't even find a Christmas ornament with his name).  Ryland was the one!  The middle name, Carter, is a family name on my mom's side and (for me) met the criteria as well.  :D  Win-win situation!

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  1. Awww... I bet Judy loved the incorporation of Carter... :) Beautiful name!