Tuesday, April 23, 2013

11 weeks

4/16/2013 - 11 weeks and 3 days

How I Look - I'm apparently already showing.  At Ry's party I had several people tell me I had a little belly.  I'll provide a bump shot next week.

How I Feel - I'm still fighting my cold, but I think I'm finally on the mend.  My runny nose has slowed down and my throat really doesn't hurt anymore.  I still have the occasional cough and junk, but it's getting much better.  *** update - cold was gone by the end of the week!***

This week I've had a couple of days of feeling icky.  I think I overworked myself this past weekend getting everything ready for Ryland's 2nd birthday.  It turned out a huge success and everyone had a great time.  I'm just happy Ry was smiling when we sang happy birthday to him, last year he cried the entire time.  Anyways, by Sat night I was worn out and all day Sunday I felt drained, tired and weak.
Birthday Boy 4/13/2013

Cravings - Still craving fruits and veggies.  I want nothing to do with bacon.  I was able to drink a decaf cappuccino at home this past weekend.  I have noticed that I do crave chocolate milk in the evenings (did the same with Ry).  I still like sweets, but I'm not craving them, nor can I eat a lot of them as it makes me feel shaky and gross.  Heck last night I was snacking on raw broccoli, carrots and cauliflower!  This is probably why I've actually lost weight.

Weight: -3 lbs

Exercise - I am still running, but it's getting harder and harder to maintain.  I ran on Monday and it was all I could do to finish 3 miles.  I wanted to quit before I was even a mile in, and every mile after that was torture.  I was hoping to make it until mid May for the Deutschen Pfest 5K race, but now I'm thinking I'll be lucky to keep running into next week.  We love this race as it's 7 mins down the road and provides beer and pizza after the race.  :)  No beer for me of course, the hubby will take care of my share.  Maybe I'll just have to walk it (gasp!), I don't think I've ever walked a race...

What I'm Looking Forward To - Next week is my 12 week appointment and when I'll have the MaterniT21 test.  I'm excited and nervous about this test.  Excited because the test should be able to tell the gender, nervous because I'm just hoping everything will be OK and the baby will be healthy.

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