Monday, April 8, 2013

5 weeks - 1st checkup


I called my doctors office to schedule my first checkup thinking they would see me around week 7/8.  Oh no, things have change, they wanted to see me at week 5!  I thought that seemed a bit early, especially for an ultrasound.  Really, what could they possibly see at week 5?


My first checkup was quick, nothing like my first checkup with Ryland.  I met with my nurse practitioner first, we went over some information and I gave a urine sample.  Then she dropped a bomb on me, my Dr was retiring in August so I had to choose a new one!  :(  She gave me a few recommendations and then I was off to my ultrasound.  Again this visit was quick, within 30 mins. As I suspected they couldn't see much during the ultrasound, just a yoke sack.  I couldn't even see a flicker that would be the heartbeat.  Surprisingly they did manage to capture the heartbeat!  93 beats per min, a bit slow right now but that's due to how early I am into the pregnancy (5 weeks 4 days).  They did print off a picture for me, seriously you can't see anything but a blob.

My next appointment will be at 8 weeks.  This will be a LONG session, scheduled for 2 hours.  My guess is I'll be giving blood for this one and it will be more on par with my 1st checkup with Ry.

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