Friday, May 17, 2013

15 weeks

5/17/2013 - 15 weeks and 6 days.  

How I Look - The same.  Still wearing my normal clothes. I tried a pair of maternity pants on Thursday and they were still too big.  I had to keep pulling them up. ;)

Weight:  -2 lbs. 

How I Feel - Great!

Symptoms - Haven't really noticed anything this week.  Occasional soreness with the "twins" in the morning.

Cravings - Fruit and Cheetos.  Cravings are starting to dwindle.

Exercise - The Deutschen Pfest 5K is this coming weekend.  I was bad this week with working far I've only worked out twice.  I need to get in another run before Sun, perhaps Sat morning...

What I'm Looking Forward To - My next Dr appointment (which is next week).  I want to hear my baby girl's heartbeat!  

What I'm NOT Looking Forward To - is the upcoming TX appears that we've finally lost our nice cool front.  75 and humid in the mornings and reaching 90s during the day, ugh!

Odds & Ends - Mother's day this past weekend was nice and relaxing.  I took my mom to brunch with friends at Max's Dive Bar downtown, they had a great brunch buffet (loved the french toast).  The hubby (and kids) gave me new sunglasses and a new giant mother's mug for cappuccinos.  The next day they took me out to dinner.

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