Friday, May 17, 2013

Ry's 2nd Dental Exam

Ry had his 2nd dentist appointment this past Wednesday and he received a B on his dental exam.  Apparently he cried the entire time and had a tiny bit of food stuck in between his front teeth and slight plaque.  Really that's a B for us, not Ry.  So we have to make sure we're brushing his teeth 2x's a day and we need to start flossing.  Yeah, that's gonna be fun.  The Dentist also told us that it's time to take away the paci as it will cause issues with the roof of his mouth (making it more narrow).  Ouch, I guess it's better to break him of this habit now so that we don't have to deal with it when baby girl arrives.  As of Wednesday night we went cold turkey, no more paci!  Surprisingly he's done fairly well.  He'll fuss for it occasionally but it hasn't impacted his ability to fall asleep at bedtime.  Unfortunately he has woken up the past 2 nights around 2 am crying, wanting to be soothed.  We've had to lay down with him until he goes back to sleep.  Hopefully that won't last for more than a week.  I'm still not ready to throw away the pacifiers.  I'm keeping his favorite one in case of emergencies.  Plus in June we're taking a trip to the beach which involves a 6 hour car ride...I'm not sure I can survive the car ride without a paci...
Bye-bye mute button...I will miss you.

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