Friday, May 24, 2013

16 weeks

5/22/2013 - 16 weeks and 4 days
How I Look - The same.  Check out the cute bump shot with Ry!

Weight:  -1.5 lbs. 

How I Feel - Great!

Symptoms - Haven't noticed anything this week.  Feeling normal.

Cravings - I don't think I had any cravings this week...cookie dough?  Although I can't have that, sigh.

Exercise - Ran the Deutschen Pfest 5K on Sunday and came in under 30 mins (which was my goal).  Yay!  I'm still going to the gym when I can and I did run on Wed.  It is getting harder for me to run.  I'm having to stop & stretch and catch my breath every mile.

What I'm Looking Forward To - Feeling my baby move!  It should be happening soon, the Dr said I should feel it earlier as it's my 2nd time around.

Odds & Ends -  Baby girl is doing well.  I had my 16 week checkup and her heartbeat is a strong 152 bpm.  The Dr did note that I seemed to have lost weight, and wanted to make sure I was eating.  Oh yeah I'm eating...sometimes I even have 2 dinners at night!  The Dr also gave me a copy of my MaterniT21 report.  It was only a page so there wasn't much info on it (I'm guessing because everything was negative), but it did say the test results have a 99.4% accuracy and 99.0-99.6% confidence interval.  I found it interesting that for gender it tested for a Y chromosome, which after I thought about it made sense.  Here's hoping that test really is accurate or I'll feel silly telling people the wrong thing.  Guess I'll find out for sure at my next visit, which will be the anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks!  I also started looking at nursery themes and bedding.  I'm really loving purple & grey with pops of teal.  

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