Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's a...(drum roll)


The results from my MaterniT21 test came in Friday (5/3)!  The Dr's office called me around 9:15am, when I happened to be a on work call, so I missed it.  When I went back to check my phone and saw the number I started jumping up and down, my results were finally in!  I called the office back and sure enough all tests were negative (meaning everything was great, no issues or DNA concerns).  She then asked me if I wanted to know the gender...uh YEAH!  "It's a girl!".  I had to ask her again just to make sure I heard correctly, yup, it's a girl!  :D  #ecstaticjumpingaround#

Now we have to figure out the color scheme and pick out a name for our little angel.  I'm just waiting for that perfect name to hit me like it did for Ryland...

It appears that my hubby's pattern holds true:  boy, girl, boy, girl.  :)

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