Friday, May 3, 2013

13 weeks

5/1/2013 - 13 weeks and 4 days

How I Look - The same as last week.  My running friend J told me I'm showing now.  Running clothes show everything!  :P  I have noticed that I've started affectionately rubbing my growing belly.
4/27/2013 - 13 weeks exactly
Weight:  -4 lbs.  Go fig, eating two dinners at night I thought would have had a different result.

How I Feel - Still nauseous from time to time, usually in the evenings.  

Symptoms - Tired, some headaches and dizziness, nausea, super hungry in the evenings.

Cravings - Fruit, veggies, mac n cheese and Cheetos.  I do want candy and chocolate, but my body won't let me eat much of it, makes me feel sick.

Exercise - Running 2x's a week and then cycling on the off days, occasional weights.  This week was a good week.

What I'm Looking Forward To - No word yet from the Dr about my test.  I'm hoping to hear something by Friday.

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